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5 Women Winemakers Fueling the Languedoc Wine Renaissance



As part of Women’s History Month, we're highlighting five inspiring Languedoc women who, year after year, produce some of the most exciting and delicious wines in the region. 

They are skilled winemakers as well as farmers, chemists, artists, and marketing wizards.

Meet them, and their fabulous wines, below!


Lidewij van Wilgen

of Terre Des Dames



Lidewij Van Wilgen left a high-powered career in advertising to pursue her dream of creating luscious, beautiful, organic wines. Her wines have received awards from Decanter and Wine Spectator, and glowing reviews from British wine maven Jancis Robinson. We agree!






Terre Des Dames
 2016  L'Unique
60% Syrah (40 year old vines)
40% Grenache (70 year old vines)

Rich, delicious and smooth, this wine will make you swoon! Try with Pork Tenderloin stuffed with garlic, orange peel, and cherries soaked in Flor de Caña Rum. 




Laurence Jougla

of Domaine des Jougla



Laurence Jougla draws upon winemaking expertise handed down through her family for generations. Her organic wines are made from grapes grown on varied soils, giving the wines a beautiful richness and softness. 




Domaines Des Jougla
2017 Initiale
30% Syrah, 25% Mourvèdre, 25%
Grenache Noir, 20% Carignan

All the varietals of this wine will speak to you in the glass—Syrah gives spiciness and black pepper, Grenache Noir rich, soft fruits, Carignan a rustic leather tone, and Mourvèdre tobacco and chocolate. Great with barbecued ribs, chicken, and burgers.



Cathy Izarn

of Borie La Vitarele 


Cathy Izarn and and her daughter, Camille, run an internationally recognized domaine in the St. Chinian appellation. Their organic vineyards are surrounded by wild herbs of the garrigue which contribute to the delicious flavors of their wines, five red and one white. We love them all!  

Borie La Vitarele
2016 Le Grand Mayol

40% Bourboulenc, 30% Vermentino,
30% Clairette

Enjoy rich flavors, nice freshness and acidity, and a lovely finish. Think pineapple, pears, and ripe yellow plums. Try with grilled halibut with pineapple and red pepper salsa, or seabass and cabbage spring rolls with ginger and chili dipping sauce. Or both!





Pascale Riviere

of La Jasset Castel


"I fell in love with my first vines, on the highest point of the Causse de Montpeyroux," says Pascale Riviere. "My vineyard is made up of a century-old Cinsault near the village of Arboras, an ancient Carignan tucked away amongst the Olivettes, a purebred Syrah on the edge of an oak forest, and a goblet-trained Grenache in the heart of the Seranne landscape." Could her wines be anything other than divine? 



La Jasse Castel
2018 L’Égrisée
35% Grenache Blanc, 35% Carignan Blanc,
30% Roussanne

The name l’Égrisée means “diamond dust” which perfectly describes this wine. Such a complex blend of local white varietals and the Carignan Blanc is quite rare! Crisp and clear with rich tones of white fruit, lemon, and lime with a clean finish. Perfect with seafood, chicken, and salads.



Diane Losfelt

of Chateau de L'Engarran


Madame Losfelt has been the winemaker at Chateau de l’Engarran for more than 30 years. Her guiding principles are authentic terroirs, elegance, and personality. Each of her wines shows a strong character and high style, like the winemaker herself.

2017 Terres De L'Engarran 
100% Sauvignon Blanc

This Sauvignon Blanc is clean and drinkable. Perhaps too much so! Besides the fruity and floral notes, you'll find a hint of almonds and honey in the nose and taste. The fruit is more tropical like pineapple. Serve with grilled fish, veal, and pork. 


We are proud to offer the wines of these accomplished winemakers. And there will be more in our next wine club shipment!



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 The Princess and The Bear

Why We Love Biodynamic Wines

The Beauty of Biodynamic Wines 

In honor of this week's beautiful celestial events (a Full Moon, the Spring Equinox and the last Full Supermoon of 2019), we want to highlight the Languedoc-Roussillon farmers who follow biodynamic practices, caring for their grapes and wines by planting, pruning, harvesting and bottling according to the position of the Moon and stars.

If the Moon can affect the tides, why not the sap of the vines and the wine itself? In fact, March 15 was this year’s “best biodynamic bottling day” for whites and rosés according to Quentin Modat, one of our new Roussillon biodynamic winemakers!

Biodynamic farming was developed in the 1920s by Rudolph Steiner, father of Waldorf education. It follows organic principles but also includes more esoteric soil amendments such as spreading nettle tea in the vineyards and enriching the soil with cow manure that’s been fermented in cow horns buried in the earth. Biodynamic winemakers say these homeopathic practices enhance the soil and the ultimate quality of their wines.

While scientific studies may not have the means to measure the desired subtle influences of these practices, as one of our new Languedoc biodynamic winegrowers, Simon Coulshaw, remarked, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating!” A test that was conducted in 2004 by Fortune Magazine concurs. Of ten blind taste comparisons between biodynamic and conventional wines, nine of the winners were biodynamic! [1]

Additionally, Washington State University has conducted several studies on biodynamic compost and there appears to be more measurable microbial activity than in conventional compost, helping to control pathogens in the soil.

Vignerons have taken notice. Renowned Languedoc-Roussillon wine mogul, Gerard Bertrand, has decided to convert his thousands of acres of vineyards to biodynamic farming.

Photo: Steve with Biodynamic Winemaker, Simon Coulshaw 

How do we feel about biodynamic wines? We deeply resonate with the emphasis on earth-centered agriculture and the view of the vineyard as a living, interdependent system. But it’s the taste of these unique wines that made us true believers!

We currently offer four of these exquisite wines including Belle de Nuit (Beauty of the Night), which is a nod to this excellent winemaker, Michel Escande’s, reliance on the Moon in his vineyards and in his winemaking:




2016 La Féline

This La Féline cuvée is made from handpicked, organic grapes with long maceration on the skins.  A 2016 vintage, this wine is still in its youth; very spicy in the nose (pepper, cumin). In the mouth, it's deep and fruity with licorice and garrigue, smooth and silky in the aftertaste. 


2019 Le Gypse

One of the most stunning Chardonnay wines outside Burgundy we've ever tasted. This wine has a nice attack with zesty, fruity aromas. As it evolves, the wine is smooth and rich without being heavy. Refill my glass, please!


2016 Belle de Nuit

This Beauty of the Night, is an exceptional cuvée, both complex and alluring. Completely based around old vines of Grenache Noir this voluptuous wine will enchant you! 



2015 Cuvée Sylla

This wine is rich and upfront, silky tannins follow, and the Grand Finale is long and lingering. Food: Think big red meat, truffles, even game. Dive in and surrender!




[1] (Jean K. Reilly, "Moonshine, Part 2: A blind sampling of 20 wines shows that biodynamics works. But how? (This, by the way, is why we went into journalism.)", Fortune, August 23, 2004. Accessed March 18, 2018).


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 The Princess and The Bear
February 22, 2019 | The Princess and The Bear

The Languedoc Awaits!

Princess and the bear partners with British wine touring company vin en vacances

 So many people have told us that they want to come see the beautiful Languedoc region. Now you can easily come and explore the wines, meet some of the passionate wine makers of today’s Languedoc renaissance, taste wonderful regional specialties and spectacular Mediterranean seafood and learn a little about the amazing history of the region: the Greeks, the Romans, the troubadours, and the Cathars.

A couple of years ago we discovered a wonderful British owned wine touring company, Vin en Vacances, based in the Languedoc.  They have offered to create three different wine-food-history tours centered around the themes of our wine clubs: Amphora, Cathar and Mediterranean. We are so excited to be able to share our love of this region, and through these wine holidays you will see for yourself why we call this the SuperNatural South of France!

Here’s a note from Wendy Gedney, the owner of Vin en Vacances: "We are honored to have been chosen as The Princess and The Bear's travel and vineyard tour partner so that their US wine lovers can explore the region in person and meet Carol and Steve in the Languedoc.  We have drawn up three exciting Languedoc wine holidays that will bring you to this magical part of the Mediterranean to meet the winemakers and discover the secrets of the SuperNatural South of France."

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 The Princess and The Bear
February 4, 2019 | The Princess and The Bear

A Special For You and Your Valentine

The Languedoc is filled with choices for Valentine's Day! Below are our picks.  The La Dame, an organic wine from the award winning Dutch winemaker, Lidewij Van Wilgen and by one of the best sparkling wine producers in France, J. Laurens.  Our sparkling brut, just awarded 91 points by Wine Enthusiast! 

2016 La Dame 

This luscious, ORGANIC wine has a silky mouth feel, smooth tannins and a nice, long aftertaste of spiced fruit. This wine is wonderful on its own by the glass, but with food all the rich flavors are enhanced. Roasted veal, fine pork and even grilled beef will pair beautifully with this wine.

91 points from Wine Spectator

2016 Le Clos Des Demoiselles 

Delicate and fine bubbles, hints of buttery toasted biscuit, white flowers and a long finish. Not only by-the-glass-wine but try it with white fish, poultry and white meats like veal or fine pork. Perfect!

91 Points from Wine Enthusiast 

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 The Princess and The Bear
December 24, 2018 | The Princess and The Bear

A special Holiday visit

Tis the season of spreading love, cheer and tremendous wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon!  We were fortunate enough to meet with Decanted: The Wannabe Wine Snobs Podcast and The Puget Sound Business Journal to share our story!

Here is what they had to say: 

Decanted: The Wannabe Wine Snobs

"The Princess and The Bear is a new wine club and online shop in Seattle that showcases curated, boutique wines from the LANGUEDOC-ROUSSILLON region in France. Carol Bailey (The Princess) and Steve Medwell (The Bear) are Seattlites who moved to the Languedoc and fell in love with the small, premium producers. They are the ONLY importer of these wines into the US. Prices? Many bottles are sub $20.
Got to love wonderful people bringing what they adore to the masses."

Puget Sound Business Journal:

The Princess and The Bear wine club cancels Seattle couple's retirement (Read the full article here) 



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 The Princess and The Bear
December 16, 2018 | The Princess and The Bear

Sparking scores for some sparkling wines!


Fact, not fiction, and not fake news: The Languedoc, not the Champagne region, was the birthplace of sparkling wine. At the Abbaye de St. Hilaire near the Languedoc town of Limoux, a warm spring caused a second fermentation in the bottle to occur. This was noticed by the monks, of course. And thus began the delight of sparkling wine drinkers all over the world.  There are hundreds of sparkling wine producers using the méthode champenoise. Our favorite producer is...J. Laurens! 

Delight your family this holiday season with our amazingly priced Decanter World Competition 2017 Bronze medal winner sparkling rosé, Le Rose No. 7 and the very special, Decanter World Competition 2017 Silver medal and Guide Hachette starred wine Clos des Demoiselles (Field of The Bridesmaids) both produced by our favorite sparkling wine producer, J. Laurens.
You can also watch our youtube channel to learn more about these stunning wines! 
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 The Princess and The Bear
December 3, 2018 | The Princess and The Bear

Read more about the Languedoc

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 The Princess and The Bear
November 28, 2018 | The Princess and The Bear

Rose is perfect for the holidays!

Rose wines are perfect for the holidays! 

Don't forget to have some good Rosé wines on hand for the holidays. They are universally liked by guests and pair with almost anything. Excuse this email if it seems repetitive. This newsletter is a correction of the description in the last newsletter for the Chateau de l’ Engarran Rosé 2017. Thanks for understanding! Please call our tasting room to inquire if expedited shipping is available in your state.

Here is our princess pairing for the holidays: 


This rosé has an alluring female touch that makes it irresistible. The guests in our tasting room are raving about the flavors and softness of this rosé. Diane Losfelt makes this lovely wine from 80% Grenache Noir and 20% Cinsault. Give yourself and your friends the gift of this beauty that is made to go with food.  She will shine alongside a pork roast stuffed with prunes or port-soaked dried cherries! Santé!

It is most important to pair your wine properly with what will be on the menu.  The Princess suggests giving a prune stuffed pork loin a try! Serve with baked apples and sautéed spinach with orange-butter and toasted pinenuts. The Soif Ideal, La Dame and this l’Engarran rosé will all be delicious with this recipe. Enjoy with best friends! 

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 The Princess and The Bear
November 21, 2018 | The Princess and The Bear

Club Update

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 The Princess and The Bear
November 20, 2018 | The Princess and The Bear

Women Winemakers Rock

News Flash: Borie la Vitarèle. Cathy Izarn and her husband Jean-François created Domaine Borie La Virarèle in 1990.  They quickly became one of the most delicious and internationally recognized domaines in the whole St. Chinian appellation.  Jean-François died in a tragic farming accident in 2014 which shocked the whole region. Since then Cathy took over on her own assisted by their daughter Camille. We are so pleased to announce that Camille‘s first vintage, the 2015, just received 1st place (Midi Rouge) and 6th place (Les Crès) in New York at the St.Chinian, Palmarès Competition.  Way to go mother and daughter team!!! 

Cathy Izarn and her daughter Camille Of Domaine Borie La Vitarèle

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