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Organic and Biodynamic Wine Production

Thanks to the geographical funnel between the Massif Central rising up through Central France and the Pyrénées Mountains, the Languedoc region is regularly swept by strong, drying winds coming from the Atlantic coast of France. This keeps the grape leaves dry and makes it much easier to grow healthy grapes without the use of fungicides and other chemicals. The Languedoc has the highest percentage of EU-certified organic grape growers in France. Organic farmers in France are allowed to use minimal amounts of water-soluble sulfur on grapes if necessary.

There are many other growers who are not EU certified but use organic and biodynamic grape growing practices. Biodynamic farming practices, in addition to being organic, employ planting and harvesting practices in alignment with the Moon and planets. Many Languedoc vineyards also have the Terre Vitis certification which protects not just natural resources but also the health of the vineyard workers, neighbors of the vineyards and wine consumers. The mentality of the region overall is focused on culture raisonnée, using natural fertilizers and compost over chemical fertilizers.