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Princess and The Bear




Don't turn away, these will blow your mind! Vins Doux Naturels. In the 13th century the process of mutage (adding spirit to wine must to stop fermentation and preserve sweetness) was invented in the Languedoc hundreds of years before port wines were made.

AOP Riversaltes Ambre
100% Grenache Blanc

Food Pairings: Divine with room temperature Roquefort cheese, alone or spread on thin slices of baguette or crackers.  If you love sweets it will be fabulous with Spiced Chiffon Pumpkin Pie.  Or try it with Spiced Cake and Whipped Cream or a Hazelnut Chocolate Tart with Whipped Ginger Marscapone Cream.  Yuuuum!

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/ 500ml
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