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Princess and The Bear




 The Princess and The Bear
November 2, 2018 | The Princess and The Bear

Diary entry #1

As we personally complete the one-year cycle of forming our business and bringing it to fruition in our first shipment which is headed west across the Atlantic ocean at this moment, we also were here in France to watch the cycle of the vine which is the lifeblood of this region. Take a look at this short video to give you a taste of the real Languedoc from our eyes. spring is like a huge inhale and expansion full of life. Tender lime green leaves on the vines, flowering wild herbs, and budding fruit and almond trees filling the air with their scent.  All of the newness and potential that will become the fullness of the summer. And now as fall sets in, the earth, the vines and the people give a big exhale as the winter chill approaches.  Here are some of our favorite shots of the cycle: early spring greenness and blossoms, the glorious poppies of summer, the harvest and now the fall as the cycle closes. 

Fall is a wonderful time to be with your family and friends, because it’s our inside time. Time to renew ourselves and time to reconnect with all the people who in the end give our life it’s true meaning.

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