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Princess and The Bear

Archive Cellar

All of the wines we carry at Princess and Bear have small case productions and as each vintage varies from year to year, we want to offer tasting notes and technical information on past vintages we've carried for reference.

Below is a list of sold out wines. Click the wine name below to view the Languedoc-Roussillon sommelier’s tasting notes.

These wines are made by the most passionate winemakers and have a finesse and complexity that will keep you coming back for more. Many of the winemakers are contrarian and make wines in their own passionate way regardless of tradition or requirements to be an AOC wine.

Our many organic selections are presented below with the European Union organic leaf designation. Organic wines in the EU can use small amounts of organic sulphur, which helps make the wines remain stable over time.

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We are big fans of this wine as a Friday night wine, a great way to finish the week and start the weekend (though it is just as good on Saturday, Sunday and every other day of the week....)  Serve chilled with seafood salads, caviar pie or on its own with a good friend by your side!

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